Friday, February 22, 2013

Slow Progress is better than no progress

Hello Friday friends! How are you out there? Things here at Nap Time have been a bit stressful, but we are working through it. A sick toddler isn't good for Mom's already high blood pressure. But, I am officially 32 weeks pregnant today, which is awesome! Five full weeks more pregnant than I was when I delivered my little miracle girl. The blood pressure issue is making my doctors a bit antsy, as you can imagine, so my progress on things has really sloooooowed down while I rest and take it easy. *sigh*

I am still sewing, but I am limiting my time at the machine. Even with that restriction, I did manage to get a finish this week! Behold my squirrel lap quilt in all of it's glory ("mommy, there's no squirrels on dat blankie")

Big quilt holder

Little quilt holder

I attempted a new binding technique. It is Sharon Schambers glue technique and let me tell you, works like a dream. I am officially a convert. Look at that mitre! You can find a video of it on YouTube. I only used glue on the back and machine stitched in the ditch from the front, but I may go full monty with it next go round. She suggests a much more intensive process than I used, I encourage you to check it out. **I used washable Elmer's glue, and it washed out just fine**

I quilted it with a decorative serpentine stitch and my walking foot. I really like how it turned out. The backing is part of a fitted sheet. I found the set on sale at Ross and fell for the print. Even on sale it was still a bit more than I wanted to pay, so I am going to make sure I use every little bit. I splurged because of the print AND it is Egyptian cotton. So soft!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am off to figure out a hand sewing project I can do while sitting with my feet up. I see hexies in my future!

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  1. A great quilt! I love how the green solid ties it together and I am especially fond of the borders at top and bottom only. Fabulous!

  2. Such a beautiful color would look perfect in my rec room! Your mitre is perfect! Great job!

  3. I am not usually attracted to oranges and greens, but your quilt is amazing! Great color balance and random fabrics in an organized fashion. Wonderful binding, too. Great work!

  4. thinking that sheet on the back from Ross was totally worth it:) Love your quilting on this too.