Monday, October 17, 2011

Morticia would be proud

At least I would like to think she would be.

I decided to change my Halloween decor this year since I had idea after idea popping into my head once the fall catalogs started dropping in the mailbox.  This is my all time favorite mantel and it was fairly inexpensive.  Some Goodwill finds and a little spray paint will go a long way.  I wish you all could see it in person!

All of the frames, with the exception of the one in the center, came from the Goodwill store.  The candelabra did as well.  All of these items got a coat or two of black spray paint.  The silhouettes are clip art from free online sites that I cut out and mounted on craft paper.

The before photo. When I was shopping for these items, I was paying attention only to the shape of each item.  The black paint is a great unifier, but it also can make things a bit drab if they don't have an interesting raised detail, relief, or shape.

I also purchased some large red silk roses and gave them a light dusting with the spray paint.  It gives them great depth with out much effort.

If you are going to use a candelabra, make sure you burn down your candles.  A spooky house wouldn't have brand new tapers!
I also added a bit of black wax to my tapers to give them a more aged look.

I didn't have any Halloween photos of Charlotte, so I "spooked" her up with a witch's hat and jack-o-lantern :)

To finish it all off, I put a fine layer of spider web over all of it.

Some more photos around the house.
A certain large home decor store was selling burlap table runners for $50! I happened to have burlap in the closet.  Add a little black paint and Voila!  I will say, I cheated and used fabric glue for the seams.  I didn't want to mess with lining it.

  A spooky critter here and there.

I hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween!