Friday, June 21, 2013

Stash quilt

For the win! I love when I can complete an entire quilt with supplies I already own. I also love when a design idea turns out better than anticipated. This quilt fits into both of those categories.

It has been gifted to a lovely friend expecting her first, a boy, in August. This little quilt turned out to be an odd size. I was more interested in the design than the dimensions, so, I deemed it a tummy time quilt. The fact that it is so high contrast and has several eye catching prints is really what makes this a great tummy time blanket though.

I stupidly bravely backed it in solid white, so my black and color coordinated quilting really shows up. I love the look.

I quilted the chevrons in black and then matched thread to each of the rows of color. I think it makes the back fun, even if some of my stitching was a bit wonky. The crinkle factor helps hide most of that.

My little helper hard at work. She 'helps' tape the backing down and then takes it off all by herself. I basted this at night and left it for her to pull up. As you can see, she takes her job very seriously, not even changing out of pajamas before completing her task.

It feels good to have a finish this week. Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a lovely quilt! It's got chevrons, it's got triangles, it's got rainbow colours, so much going on! - I haven't seen another one like it before.

  2. This is really great! The way you arranged the fabric within the chevrons to make another pattern- really smart! I'm pinning it.

    1. I couldn't pin it- the only image available was your cute baby up top. weird...

  3. Love this quilt. Using stash and a helper are nice perks:)

  4. Ah! By far my favorite quilt of yours. I've been loving the chevron trend of the moment. Debating integrating it into the nursery. Good thought to bravely leave the back white. I think it adds great contrast!

  5. What a charming quilt. I love the use of the dark fabric for the contrast. Really great stuff.