Friday, May 17, 2013

Willy Nilly

I won't lie, I have been feeling a bit like a prisoner these days. The tiny tyrant calling the shots around here is light on sleep and heavy on demands. Lately, I have been itching to do just a little something for myself. Anything that doesn't involve feeding, changing, burping, or holding the baby.

So after lulling her to sleep in her swing (Godsend), I rifled through my scraps, pulled out an assortment and started sewing. Just willy nilly. No plan, except that I planned to cut my finished piece into several mug rugs and quilt them. This is what emerged.

This was about 15 minutes of sewing and cutting. I didn't even press the seams! It was so liberating. If that admission didn't make you clutch your pearls, the next surely will...

I quilted every single one without basting! I plan to attach the binding tonight and then have little hand sewing projects to pick up when I have a minute or two.

I also have been working on a baby quilt for an auction. So far, patch work galore. I am still trying to decide what kind of border it needs.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Looking good! Here's to more sewing time!

  2. Improv piecing without pressing! I've done that, too! So liberating! And, when time is of the essence, it's so fast! Great work & fun projects!

  3. Both projects are fantastic - great work! I'm hoping for you for as much of a weekend as the mom of a baby can expect... :)

  4. Your baby quilt is so charming. Love the fabric choices.

  5. What a cute project! We became a member of your blog! Come join our blog too! Thanks!

    Anna and Sarah