Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's go time

Need a thoughtful gift for a pregnant friend, or anyone that may be spending a bit of time in a hospital? I may have an idea for you. I am calling these "Go Bags".

I have/had two lovely friends that are/were very pregnant and due at the end of August. Do not fret, I did not misplace one friend. Her bundle just decided to come a bit earlier than expected. Mom and baby are both great, she will just have to enjoy my little giftie another way :)

I used the tutorial that Jeni, over at In Color Order, graciously shared with the internet for these lined drawstring bags and I think they came out really nicely. Check out her site, there is quite a bit of inspiration there. I also made some matching wash cloths, because I just can't help myself sometimes.

Then I filled the bags with little toiletry goodies so they could just drop these in their hospital bags and not worry about forgetting the little odds and ends.

They came together really quickly and I love how they turned out. I may need to make some more of these!



  1. I love mine Katie and it is happily packed in my bag, ready to go!! Now if only baby boy was ready too....

  2. Great idea! I may have to order one from you just for general travel or the gym. I'm a sucker for a cute bag!

  3. These are cute, Katie! Once the kids are in school it'll be a contest to see who can sew the most stuff. I have a huge backlog of things that need to be made.