Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you.

Today I was busily checking things off my to-do list and feeling very productive. Entertaining the baby and doing laundry and cleaning up the mess from my last project and feeding the baby and cleaning the baby and entertaining the baby and you get the idea. Well, that all lasted until I got to #7 on my list, thank you notes. Yes, thank you notes have the power to completely derail my productive day.

In my defense, the people receiving these cards are such amazing people that I have had to write them dozens of notes over the years. They have already seen all of my stationery. These folks deserve handmade for all of their wonderfulness and who am I to deny them?

I have this floral paper that I love, but I never use because the print in so large it is hard to find things to do with it. Not so today! I decided to cut out some of the flowers and adorn my cards with them. I also pulled out a few pieces of scrap *high five* cover weight paper for the card base. I cut down the paper to make one folded card and one flat card.

Originally, I thought that the yellow would look nice against my green background so I cut a small border of yellow around the flower. I am glad that I decided to make sure before cutting all of the pieces. I didn't like the look, so I cut it off.

This paper is white core, so to give it a more finished look I ran a Sharpie around the edges. I know what you are thinking. What if your outline isn't black? Luckily, Sharpie has a large array of colors and if you don't have a set you should drop everything you are doing to go buy some. (Disclaimer: If you have ambulatory children, you must keep your Sharpies under lock and key when not in use. I can not be held responsible for the trouble the Sharpie gremlins will create with your children should they be left unsupervised. The Sharpie gremlins are extremely mischievous).

After cutting out and cleaning up all of my pieces, I ran them through my trusty sticker maker.

After settling on the placement of the pieces, I attached the flowers to the cards and penned a greeting on the folded card.

I love how they turned out. I wish I had the time and patience to make all of my snail mail correspondence look this way.


  1. I wish I had an ounce each of your creativity and energy! I consider it a good day when I get a shower in!

  2. Don't feel bad Marie, showers can be elusive for me as well.

  3. Very pretty! I want a sticker maker! :)

  4. I saw a sticker maker at Hobby Lobby for $25 and almost bought it all because of this post. -Beth